NEVASCO operates in four different market segments, i.e. the energy, the cities in delta regions, the agro/food security and civil security markets. For each market a short overview is given below



The energy market is a continuously growing and changing market. Over the last year the oil and gas price has gone down dramatically and the development of new fields has therefore been delayed or sometimes cancelled. Therefore we focus on existing fields where the production costs are lower than the current oil price of 80US$. On the longer term the oil price will go up again and new fields in harsh environments will be developed further. Outside Europe Kazakhstan, areas around Baku in Azerbaijan, Middle East, cold regions (Arctic) and the Far East are important areas.

The renewable energy is buoyant and focus is on Europe.


Cities in delta regions

In SE Asia, as elsewhere around the world (e.g. in Africa, Europe, also the Netherlands) major issues exist related to large cities, like air quality, water defense, habitability, food and other supply chains, traffic, recreation and tourism, heat islands, sewerage and rainfall. With increasing population growth in delta cities, such problems grow too. Delta cities are for their development and sustainability becoming more and more dependent on Smart and Big Data management. In the Netherlands consortia have been established through for example the water sector, to export Dutch expertise. NEVASCO has implemented a strategy to  export activities with the Dutch water sector.


 Agri business / Food security

In Europe there is a tendency to move to larger parcels, to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides and to limit water use for irrigation. Remote sensing services integrated with manufacturers in this sector will open business opportunities on a day-to-day basis. Outside Europe there is a trend to increase small farmers production. Hereto, services will be integrated with existing manufacturers. Due to climate change,extreme events will increase in magnitude and frequency, urging for new and challenging mitigation programs. Hereto, there is a need to get a better understanding of the natural water system and information on water availability (scarcity), land use and irrigation, but also on issues related to extreme rainfall. NEVASCO focuses on supporting  stakeholders in these sector by providing information on a daily basis.


Civil security / Defense

Civil security and Defense are clearly relevant topics in the institutional and public domain in the Netherlands. In these fields, information need for environmental assessments and other activities is growing offering many opportunities for services based on satellite data. This can also be seen from the establishment of organizations like The Hague Security Delta (HSD) and The Hague Center for Strategic Studies (HCSS). Such organizations provide opportunities for innovative business in the field of geo-information and remote sensing services. NEVASCO will focus on the Netherlands and provide services in cooperation with HSD and HCSS.