Als geo-ICT bedrijf, gespecialiseerd in aardobservatie, borgen en actualiseren wij de geo-informatie van onze klanten. Wij maken hierbij veelvuldig gebruik van satellietbeelden, luchtfoto’s, radar en lidar, in combinatie met Open Data en andere informatiebronnen.
NEO onderscheidt zich in haar innovatieve aanpak, kennis van geomatica en remote sensing en know-how in het bouwen en toepassen van intelligente software.

eLEAF is a Netherlands-based high-tech company that supplies reliable, quantitative data on water and vegetation on any land surface to support sustainable water use, increase food production, and protect environmental systems.
eLEAF is active worldwide and has completed projects in over 30 countries. We closely work with partners that are at the forefront of new developments in food security and water productivity. This enables us to deal with challenges and problems the moment they arise and develop a structural solution for it.
eLEAF’s product offering is targeted at the entire agri-business value chain ranging from farmers to food processors as well as non-profit organizations, public institutions, and governments.

HERMESS is a privately owned company developing and providing innovative solutions on environmental issues to the offshore, coastal and harbour sector. Close links with research institutes, universities and being backed up by the maritime industry ensures that the latest techniques and services are available for our clients.
HERMESS is specialised in processing radar, optical and acoustics measurements, numerical modelling, assimilation of measurements in models and the development of marine environmental information services and decision support systems.

Science [&] Technology Corporation (S[&]T) develops systems and processes for high-tech applications. The S[&]T Engineers in our offices in The Netherlands and Norway or at the customer locations work on all stages in the development process, from research and development up to the delivery of hardware and software products.

SkyGeo measures deformation dynamics anywhere on the surface of the planet. Engineers and asset managers use our products to understand millimeter-scale movements over reservoirs, pipelines, dams, railroads, bridges, storage tanks and entire cities.

Independent professional in the field of Earth observation and geo-information services as business developer, innovation manager and proposal manager. Datacraft help end-users of Earth observation data, geo-information providers and value adders.

EUROSENSE is an active player in geo-information services for almost 50 years now. Started as a Belgian company in the 60’s, it has nowadays expanded its working region to mainly Western and Central Europe, but developed services in worldwide projects. Delivering high quality products compliant with specific time constraints and customer requirements is the main concern of EUROSENSE.

BlackShore delivers accurate, up-to-date and low-cost map products based on the crowd-sourced interpretation of satellite data and aerial imagery. We map what matters most in the world. Topics range from forest monitoring to disaster relief and food security.
Our tailor-made maps typically cover a large area thoroughly, yet they are very affordable and can be created in a matter of just a few days.
This is achieved through a mapping concept unique in the market: we use game-based crowdsourcing to create our maps.

Since 1991, as a private company, GeoRas has been one of the first leading companies in the field of integrated GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry in the Netherlands.
Our innovation technology and expertise is based on decades of practical and proven experience in the field of spatial data processing, GIS, software development and integrated services.

Geocycli is een onafhankelijk adviesburo gespecialiseerd in het verstrekken van advies en overdragen van kennis op het gebied van gebruik en inbedding van ruimtelijke informatie en de funktie binnen uw organisatie.
Speciaal advies op het terrein van inwinning mbv sensor systemen (waarnemen op afstand ofwel 'remote sensing') kan u helpen in het effectiever verzamelen van gegevens ter ondersteuning van uw ingezette beleid tav beheer en instandhouding van uw assets en areaal.
Vaak komen bovengenoemde beheer/beleids instrumenten in een hybride vorm tot uiting in combinatie met uw huidige informatie inwinningsprocedures.

We know satellite data. And how to transform it. Into information. Into knowledge. Into answers. We add value. Making space beneficial to society and the environment. We know Forest and Land Use. Agricultural crops. Biomass. Wetlands. Floods and Drought. Capturing change. In near real-time: accurate, up to date, and timely. We can help identify your questions. Iteratively. Think together. Shaping the intelligence you need.

TNO is one of the major contract research organizations in Europe. With a staff of approximately 3500 and an annual turnover of 580 million Euros, TNO is carrying out research in order to achieve impact on the following five themes: Industry, Health, Safety & Security, Urbanization and Energy. TNO has considerable experience in modeling large-scale and urban air pollution, generating bottom-up emission inventories, developing aerosol retrievals, and performing measurements for validation of models and satellite observations. TNO is also known worldwide as a top developer of optical instruments for scientific research, including both Earth Observation (e.g. SCIAMACHY, OMI and TROPOMI) and Space Science (e.g. HIFI and GAIA).

Nelen & Schuurmans offers creative solutions for water management issues, in both IT products and consultancy services. Innovation, knowledge development and the client's needs are our key values.

SarVision is a spin-off from Wageningen University (WUR) based in the Netherlands. SarVision pioneers the operational application of systematic satellite and airborne monitoring and mapping systems for environmental and natural resource management. Our innovative systems provide our partners with the latest maps and information on land and forest cover, change, fire and hydrology, updated on a regular basis (monthly to yearly).

Waterwatch Cooperative U.A. was established in 2014 in the Netherlands and has several legal entities that serve its mission… please refer website for more details

HEAD Aerospace Netherlands is a Limited Liability company (HEAD NED B.V.) registered in The Netherlands. It is located in the Space Business Innovation Centre (SBIC) of the Noordwijk Space Business Park, nearby ESA-ESTEC.
Our focus is fully centered around Small Satellites (smallsats) from a mission and payload / subsystem point of view. Besides upstream (flight hardware), we also focus on the development and provision of downstream services directly linked to our missions and payloads.